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An Adult Coloring Book Featuring Fun and Relaxing City Scenes from Around the World Including New York, London, Venice, Barcelona, Sydney, Berlin and Many More!


Cherish the world’s amazing cultures and take a scenic tour through cities from around the globe with this exquisite coloring adventure by beloved brand Coloring Book Cafe. Bursting with a rich assortment of illustrations ranging from famous landmarks to charming city streets, you’ll be taken on a journey to release pent-up stress and embrace the proven benefits of meditative mindfulness as you bask in scenes from your dream vacation.


Enjoy a scenic walk through the streets of Venice or London, relax outside a café in Paris or Rome, and witness the unique beauty and architecture of Tokyo, Egypt, Barcelona and many more. Whether you love the sleek skyscrapers of New York City and Toronto or the historic prowess of the Colosseum and Big Ben, this amazing collection will soothe your mind and give you a newfound appreciation for the incredible cities around the world.

World Cities

  • You will receive instant access to the high resolution 25-page coloring book PDF. 

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