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A Mindfulness Coloring Book Featuring 50 Fun and Relaxing Designs to Relieve Tension and Soothe Anxiety.


Step into a whimsical world of imagination and let your creativity run free as you experience the wonderful benefits of coloring. Lovingly crafted by beloved brand Morgana Skye to help you soothe anxiety, reduce your stress levels, and give yourself a well-earned rest from your busy life, the Anxiety Relief Coloring Book for Adults invites you to sit back and enjoy the magic of art.


With 50 charming illustrations that range from vibrant flowers and adorable animals to everyday objects reimagined in fantastical and ingenious ways, this coloring adventure is an unforgettable experience, as well as a sure-fire way to harness the scientifically proven benefits of meditative mindfulness that coloring bestows upon you.

Anxiety Relief

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