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An Adult Coloring Book Featuring a Beautiful Witch in Her Cottage Life with Magical Potions, Spooky Spells, Mysterious Plants and Much More.


Cast spells under the moonlight and explore a magical cottage in the woods with this beautiful tapestry of illustrations for Wiccans and witch-enthusiasts everywhere! From simmering cauldrons and spooky altars to magical familiars and so much more, this gorgeous Halloween Coloring Book will cast a spell on you as it melts away the day’s stress and anxiety.


Dabble in your witchy side with over two dozen one-of-a-kind illustrations. Whether you want to transform your problems into a frog, cast a spell under the stars, or discover the secrets of an ancient grimoire, these intricate designs will unleash your creativity as you celebrate Halloween or simply take some much-needed time for yourself. So grab your favorite black cat, put on your best pointy hat, and dive into these delightful illustrations today!

The Witch's Cottage

  • You will receive instant access to the high resolution 30-page coloring book PDF.

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